🐝Mother bee🐝

For the past few weeks I’ve have been falling in love with mother bee I’m really excited to share these 100% natural skin care products.

Going back a few generations to a family farm house kitchen in Ireland, the original mother bee was successfully homemade to treat all the ailments for skincare livestock and equine alike on the family farm. As time went by the much loved family recipe was handed down to mother bee founder Cheryl who has developed it into the fabulous range of products that are available today. 

Soothe & protect for applying on absolutely anything! I’m Currently using this on pigs, horses and sheep Who are all top notch at being accident prone. I’ve personally found it brilliant for all sorts of scratches and cuts the pigs get, including irritation from sun burns. 

 Anyone that has seen my Instagram stories can vouch that our pigs definitely enjoy a beeswax rub down! Pre Honey glazed pork anyone 😉 ​

Bees wax is a natural antibacterial it draws moisture to the skin and seals it offering protection against dirt but is still breathable and will not irritate the skin. Mixed with a blend of oils high in vitamin A,B & E its ideal for soothing irritation and flammation. It includes all properties of both lavender, tea tree and camphor which are well known for their properties!

Anyone who knows Bud will know that he is genius at sticking his nose where it’s not wanted. Literally. He’s had a decent wire slice on his nostril from poking it in the haybob. popping soothe & protect on has made a noticeable difference in 24hrs. It also taste pretty good apparently! 

Soothe & Protect comes in 2 handy sizes either 280ml or 550ml perfect on hand in the yard or in your kit so you can easily have a pot to hand.

Nowadays when it comes to leather care Im the person at the game fairs that buys all purpose cleaner everytime promising myself I’ll commit to treating my items when actually the stuff dries out before I get chance to think about it.  Mother Bee leather balm has pretty much revolutised how quick and easy I can apply to so many items …boots, bags & the sofa! 

So Once upon a time if I wasn’t competing every weekend I was hunting. All my tack and boots would be cleaned regimental style these days jobs like this fall to the back of the pile. I have to admit I didn’t think anything would revive these boots after years of neglect. One quick go over, I. Am. so. Impressed. 

🐝Mother Bee for me!🐝

The yard hand, This pot basically lives on our kitchen counter now, you walk past it. You use it. Our household has put this through its paces and I’d recommend it. It comes in two sizes the mini 30g and 90g family size that will last you forever. I’ve immediately noticed a different to hands. Keeps the cold damp out and dry rough moisturised.  Brilliant! 

Moisturising lotion bar of beeswax goodness. Simply heat up with your hand and apply. Easy. No mess or waste. I can also vouch for the point made online that this is a fantastic base under fake tan as used by me on our one day of good weather. I also noticed an immediate differences to the bit of hard skin on my feet. I’m really self conscious about my affectionately named ‘wellie foot’. Amazingly it has gone from feeling rough and hard to soft and supple. hello flip flops!…I’m kidding, this is keeping me comfy in wellies all year round👌🏼

Residing permanently in my handbag  (I mean baby bag) is the cutest lip balm. I genuinely take this everywhere now and will be moving into my shooting jacket pocket come the season for outdoor cold and wind protection. Between all these amazing products you could probably clone me from my DNA I use them so much! 

  • Soothe & Protect starting from £12.99 – £24.99
  • Yard hand small £4.99 large £12.99
  • Lotion bar £7.99 
  • Leather balm £11.99 
  • Lip balm £4.99 

For further information and order details please visit www.motherbeeonline.co.uk 

With the power of beeswax and a historical family recipe mother bee has skin care perfection in a tub! 


2 thoughts on “🐝Mother bee🐝

  1. Great write up. I’m really interested in these products. I tend to only use lavender based products for skin care and injuries, honey for coughs colds / well being and camphor for aches and pains. Here’s a few products with everything all rolled into one!
    Very excited
    Mrs Foxy-Pheasant


    1. Hi Amanda thank you so much for reading, glad you liked it! I completely agree with you, Im definitely a natural skin care convert now after such positive results. No denying how good it is for us so treating the livestock makes perfect sense. The fact that mother Bee is family run and came from humble beginning Is just wonderful.
      Lynsey x


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