🐴 Naglets🐴

Au naturel! Introducing the Fabulous re-launch of the all natural healthy horse treats that is Naglets

Lovingly handmade at home in chulmliegh, Devon by naglets founder Jane Johnson. As an owner herself naglets were first inspired by her beautiful horse Rupert. Making an all round treat for him that contained nothing but straightforward ingredients brought naglets to life. since Rupert sadly past away it’s wonderful to see him become the permanent naglet mascot behind the super scrumptious treats. 

Having personality used naglets a few years ago I’m so happy they have made a much welcome come back with fabulous varieties and fun memorable names such as the  ‘Dandy brush’, ‘bottoms up’, ‘Gingerella’, and buds favourite ‘Italian stallion’ 

I first discovered naglets when a previous horse of mine unfortunately suffered from a tendinitis which led to gruelling box rest being stabled 24/7. Avoiding what I knew could have easily become a stressful situation for him with changes to Routine, i used naglets as a wonderful Bordem buster hiding them in hatnets and filling treat balls as healthy enrichments. 

As part of horse management and physio naglets are perfect are for encouraging stretching exercises. I keep this routine up with bud now and knowing nothing artificial is added to the ingredients it’s proved to be the perfect tip-bit incentive to work with and super safe for bud the bloater to indulge in when flexing.  

Free from addictives, persevatives, colourings and sugars not adding risk to laminitis

I couldn’t write about naglets without mentioning sponsored rider Anya hitt and the gorgeous dumpy. Anya is wonderfully ambitious with goals of qualifing for RIHS in m&m workers and hoys. Already achieving great success taking the national championship title at hickstead with her school team in the eventers challenge and winning the juniors showage at equifest I’m sure we will be seeing great things for his super combination. 

As well as horses adoring naglets they are perfect for all livestock to have a nibble on. it’s a sure vote from the pigs with the Only thing being you can’t feed one with out feeding them all!  

As for the dogs we all know not much gets past a Labrador when food is being handed out, they go down a treat…bet you can’t Guess from the expression which one tried them first and can’t sit still at the thought…Watch this space for doglets! 

Naglets are made from base ingredients :ground limestone (calcium), rock salt, vegetable oil and binding agent of flour, plus natural un-molassed chaff/hay. I use fresh fruit or vegetables together with healthy herbs or spices such as rosemary, linseed, turmeric, fenugreek and mint.
Stir together, slowly bake and then dry and hey presto Naglets are reborn!!!!


A few of the Scrummy ingredients include:

  • Oatflakes
  • Cranberries
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Carrots
  • Garlic

And the list goes on through out the seasons

As an owner of a greedy horse that simply looks at grass and extends his girth by 3 holes naglets are definitely a firm favourite for us. Highly recommended as A guilt free and gut friendly treat the whole yard will find delicious


Packs of 12 are £4.00.                                         Packs of 24 are £7.00.                                         Mini naglets 200g £2.25

Why not Take advantage of the relaunch with special offer, buy 4 packs and receive 5th bag free. 

To order simply visit http://www.nagletsuk.co.uk/ 

Or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/totallynaturalhorseandponytreat/

For more information please contact Jane at naglets@gmail.com 


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