Naturecraft knits, pigs? I’ll take one in every colour! 

As a lover of all things small business and not to mention shamelessly buying cute country baby clothes, I have fallen in love with Pauline Gair at naturecraft for childrens wear.

I discovered these beautiful hand knitted cardies on the facebook group ‘ladies and livestock’ its wonderful and informative, full of advice. you must check it out! there is a wide variety of ladies with all kinds of livestock that happily share knowledge and discuss all matters. defintaly one of my favorite go to groups on the book of face.

I saw the ‘oh so cute’ example picture and immediately had that all consuming need that we all know to well when shopping for little ones, there is just something therapeutic about purchasing beautiful baby clothes. especially knitted ones. I still have my own little knitted cardigans that have been handed down to noah and then William. I fell in love with buying a hand made piece you can treasure plus the perfect gift for littles to wear for generations with an added bonus of farmyard flair.

contacting Pauline via her business facebook page ‘naturecraft hand knitted for children’ is super easy. replying straight away to discuss which pattern and design I would like. This included size, which animals and design.  sheep, pigs, rabbits, ducks pretty much any farmyard animal is open for commission along with which colours you would like. I was torn between the gorgeous raverly patterned sheep and large white pig design. as always for me, pigs prevailed.

All the items Pauline knits are handmade by herself and without a doubt you can see the care and consideration put into each piece. In my opinion, this makes the short wait for precious makes all the more worth it.  As soon as Williams cardigan was ready for posting Pauline was in touch to say it was on the way which arrived the very next day. William always receives wonderful comments on the cardigan whenever he wears it. Wash at 30 degrees, comes out perfect and just as soft. 

Price per cardigan £10 free uk postage. Please see Naturecraft knits online to order more details 



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