­čî│Roughing it! Why I love rough shooting­čî│

I’d like to briefly touch on why I enjoy rough shooting with this short post of how it made me really fall in love shooting as a whole 

To start with its probably how I became most comfortable with my shotgun. With all safety aspects throughly covered rough shooting allowed me to familiarise myself with my gun, handling, loading and carrying in a field based situation. I shoot a 20bore with 28 inch barrels which I find perfect for me personally as it’s not to heavy and I feel comfortable with it all day through wood or field. I love this gun, it’s nothing super fancy price wise and I’m so grateful as I haven’t been afraid to use it where I probably would be worrying about knocks or scratching the wood on an expensive shotgun.

Admittedly the bag at the end of the day might not always be a huge one but Rough shooting itself presents various types of excellent shooting opportunities for game and pest control from pheasant to rabbit and occasional fox it’s presents real situations where you can develop steady confidence with multiple quarry and how different strategies and patience are required.  I think it’s a perfect opportunity to experience this With no added pressure of getting your money’s worth on peg it’s an ideal situation to step back and really enjoy what shooting is about for me that’s having the best time with family and friends. 

Think rough and ready! 

All types of terrain are covered rain or shine which means the right kit for the job is essential, no fear of rough shooting becoming a fashion frenzy so don’t deny yourself a perfect opportunity due to the fact your fedora might fall off in the brambles or your suede boots are going to get wet. Think comfy and realistic, leave your fancy outfits at home this is a job for trusty Wellies And tough boots, warm comfy coats and jumpers that don’t mind snags or pulls and waterproofs! plus maximum toasty sock effort is needed….think socks with sheep on of course! The dogs have a great day, at home we have a variety of labs and terriers that love different obstacles rough shooting presents.  brilliantly retrieving of water or pushing through rough grass and thick cover its a great way to have steady fun with the dogs. Personally I think being able to go ‘for a walk’ with your dog and gun is the very essence of hunting, building foundations for wonderful working partnerships. 

What attracts me so much is the lovely Informal charm that rough shooting is, letting you get down to the nitty gritty. It  doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from it brings it right back to being out in the countryside, Nothing beats it. if nothing else you can’t go wrong with a walk in the woods! 





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