­čî┐Family in the field-ferreting­čî┐

Within the bounds of safety I’m completely pro children being present in fieldsports. I feel so proud watching them enjoy what i love especially when it means us taking part as a family. Its wonderful to think that we can inspire the next generation by simply including them in our pastimes and passions. I want to touch on how involving our minis is such a positive contribution towards our outdoor pursuits. 

Starting with the time honoured field sport that is ferreting. I’m personally a huge fan and our current team consists of three jills, two hobs and one litter of future workers. It might not have an incrediblely high profile as most outdoor pastimes but I don’t think you can beat it for introducing the next the love of field pursuits. 

I personally think it’s a great idea to gift a  competent child a ferret. You are giving them a honest chance of responsibility, animal management. Quickly learning that you respect your animal whether it’s a pet or worker. (especially the teeth end!) Handling is the key here to begin to develop a wonderful little hunting partnership. It makes working with ferrets all the more pleasurable when you don’t need to use steal gloves to put collars on and not fearing for your nipples when they wriggle down your jumper!

Passing on essential field craft skills such as net making and learning to set them, Looking closely for animal tracks and learning tell tale signs of which quarry is at home. Where to find rabbits and listening for the tell tale ‘thumping’. Not forgetting seeing how we work dogs along side ferrets, keeping keen eyes out for a bolter and watching a marking dog. Plus they soon know what a shovel is for! 

As well as being vital skills it is important for Mini Countryman and women to feel at home in part of a working team which boosts confidence and enjoyment. I can definitely see this with my own son. Giving our littles sense of involvement only doubles the inspiration they gain from this field education thus gives them a voice to responsibly promote ferreting into the future. 

Ferreting is a wonderful practical lesson to why we control rabbits. Noah can tell you the agricultural Damage uncontrolled rabbits will cause with the need of pest control. Its definitely not all in vain. kill it, cook it, eat it comes to play in a huge way after a (successful) day out with the ferrets. The straight forward essence of wild food can be shown with ‘catching for the pot’ this shows our children the bigger picture of where our food comes from introducing delicacies such as rabbit casserole and strew as versatile healthy meat.   

All in all I’ve found ferreting provides the perfect hands on experience for all to learn countryside conduct and conservation. A day out between hedges and meadows are never waisted on children with old traditional charm ferreting is perfect introduction to the land we all love. 


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