Fabulous Flatlay Friday – FFF! 

Thanks again to mighty Instagram i have discovered something new to me. fabulous flatlaying. How refreshing are these gorgeous visual posts! #flatlayfriday is now a thing and I’m inspired to join in. Without limiting a post to strictly fashion I want to add together all my favourite bits and pieces including personal influences from the past week activities in a ‘straight to the point’ round up style post. Quick and easy! 

Don’t mind my first attempt! So much pheasant!

This week I have to start with phone case of all phone cases by exclusivelylizp. Hand made with real pheasant feathers it is by far the most absolutely perfect country accessory. I can’t tell you how gorgeous this is in real life! So looking forward to give you the extra juicy details on exclusivelylizp coming up. 

Technically two weeks ago now but I’m still completely thrilled with this classic moleskin vest from Laksen and shirt by Toggi. I think they compliment each other perfectly and I’m still wearing them together shooting. Plus they were both a cheeky bargin from eBay so what’s not to love. 

Motherbee all natural convert! I’m the first to admit I’m not the biggest beauty person but since I’ve had these skincare products in my life since April I use them everyday. I loved them so much In fact that I did my first ever blog post on them. You can also expect to see great results on livestock, this. stuff. works. 

As ever i have to mention the gorgeous pheasant charm necklace by cornishbluebelle. Not only does it go with anything but having both my sons initials added it continues to become even more special to me day by day. I hardly take it off. In fact I felt naked without it on for this picture! 

Eeeek my early birthday present! Wonderfully little old side by side by AYA. I’ve been lusting after my own since falling in love with my father in laws. I personally think they are just timeless…christened it with a spot of pest control this afternoon so it works! 

….Framed photo of my faithful penny. Self proclaimed queen of Jack Russells. It’s been a surreal and painful week. Ive only just turned the tumble dryer on for the first time since as she used to sleep in the basket next to it. I don’t think we ever come to terms with the loss, do we? I can’t thank everyone enough for kind messages and I do love to keep talking about her loony ways and great battles with rats. If anyone knows of some lovely keep sake ideas please let me know. 

As always thank you for reading while I continue to develop my little Corner of the internet and let me know how you find the ‘quick look’ of this week. I’ve put handy links of included items below. 

Phone case: http://instagram.com/exclusivelylizp

Toggi: http://instagram.com/toggiclothing

Laksen: http://laksen-sporting.com/uk/frontpage/





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