2️⃣Flatlay Friday take two!2️⃣

Yet again I’ve only just scraped into Friday posting by the skin of my teeth (blaming it on the kids bed time routine going to pot!) I’m going to have to put myself somewhere between flatlay Friday and slap it down Saturday at this rate! 

The first items in question this week are the amazing twinning shirts by Joshua James. As a super game of thrones fan girl over here im naturally I’m in love with this fantastic khaleesi tribute, she’s my absolute favourite and the ‘Mother of dragons’ mantra speaks to me on a personal level trying to parent sometimes! Team khaleesi mum all the way! I have a whole dedicated post featuring Joshua James about to go live at any moment so keep them peeled. In the mean time please pop over to their Instagram to see all the amazing children’s and twinning wear designs that are on offer. 

What week wouldn’t be complete without a wilkos purge!? Im a self confessed asile lurker looking for goodies that I apparently ‘don’t need’. Some people don’t know what they are talking about. Take a look at these tins! Woodland themed featuring owls, hares and of course foxes. They are found in the stationary section but perfectly good enough for tea, sugar and coffee tins, cartridges storage, or just some where to quickly hide random things that end up on the side around the house. Ideal! 

Bill skinner jewellery pieces are just beautiful and my new fox studs are no exception. They are a prefect size and go with anything I’m wearing from school run to farm yard. I absolutely love them. They have some fantastic offers online right now. Well worth a visit, apologies if you end up adding a whole collection to your basket. 

With absolutely rubbish weather over the last few days this week I’ve been reaching for my wonderfully snug bobble hat from Amelia Jane London. I not a huge fan of miserable weather but don’t get me wrong the rain plus this beautiful brand is the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to a dull day outside. Already comfortably slipping back to my school run outfit of choice, wellies and cute hats to the rescue. 

As a birthday gift my fabulous mother in law and queen of QVC has out done herself with sending me an absolute miracle in a pot. James Read is my go to tanning cream. It’s super easy to apply even for me who really doesn’t have a clue. It gives you seriously amazing results. Im not going to the South of France any time soon but I’m prefectly fine with pretending in the pig sty with a summer glow from James Read. 

On Thursday i celebrated my birthday. Yay! I think I may start counting backwards from now on but I had a wonderful day. I received the most gorgeous bouquet of meadow and hedge flowers plus you have no idea how much chocolate and cake I unwrapped. Not sure what that says about me as a person but I’m told calories don’t count on your birthday and weekends which is just as well as we ended up eating three quarters of TGI Fridays.  (last quarter was the salad)

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who wished me happy birthday and sent lovely messages it is so appreciated. I hope you enjoyed my quick weekly flatlay round up and thanks again for reading! 


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