The Budpig Express

We are back in action!


I’ve been feeling awfully stuck in a rut regarding riding. I feel as if I’m totally letting  my horse down by putting zero hours in the saddle lately. Not that I’ve had any complaints from Bud who is happy as can be eating his way around the back field, wearing the trampoline and joining us for barbecues.

The original john lewis inspiration
Drinks on the patio with my donkey

I’ve become so stuck in a routine that I have decided something has to give. Bud is not my pet he is my partner and so I’m setting us a goal to be working towards a healthy fitness level and  to make some appearances on the field this season.


My what a big girth you have! A shopping incentive


First things first a spot of shopping is in order. I have to admit that both of our waist lines have somewhat expanded. Buds girth line has experienced a massive blow out which no elastic can save and I’m not even going to torture myself by trying to fit in my old jods. The silver lining to this is a binging session of online shopping. Accidentally on purpose stumbling upon robinsons equestrian 90% sale i always over excitedly click on everything and I’m left saying ‘Damn look at all these items that have fallen into in my basket’ at the check out point.  I had to have a de clutter of only essential items being a new girth the size of a hula hoop, new pair of jodhpurs also hula hoop size plus a few horsewear polo shirts that sneaked in…you know…essential!


Happy hacking 


Starting off our fitness plan is steady road work. Beginning slowly we will aim to get out regularly a few times a week for around 20mins.  I will admit I’m not a massive fan of hacking. When I was younger me and my friends would go off for miles on our ponies with a picnic but now I find myself becoming really worked up about going on the roads. It’s probably my own confidence as bud won’t bat an eye lid in traffic only finding puddles and leaves blowing in the wind a tad suspicious. Since having my second baby I seem to dream up the worst situations no matter how ridiculous and talk myself out of going. I have absolutely no problem riding through any challenges it’s the thought of it which I end up getting on my own nerves with so i have given myself a good talking to. Kick on and get on with it!


Not so fair weather riding


The mood has changed now my parcel has arrived. no more negativity! I’m excited and very keen to get on board. Equipped with ‘Large and in charge’ girth and forgiving jods we are off. Successfully catching a wild bud that has spotted tack he hasn’t seen in a good few months took half a back of carrots and some colourful language. Then we have the glorious rain. Not just any rain, I had a text halfway round saying a ‘Severe weather warning for your area.’ joy.

Slippery when wet!

By this time I had drowned anyway and bud was pretending water was alarming which is fooling no one bud. You live outside and have had some of our best Crosscountry days when the going is like a bog.  I’m sure you can manage a few puddles. That being said we made a few walkers go full Mary poppins with their umbrellas worriedly jumping and hurrying away from a dancing cob snorting at them! Sorry!

He is beauty. He is grace.

I have to give a huge shout out to seeland Neville jacket. Not strictly an equestrian jacket that Ive bought to shoot in but so far its been bloody amazing  for horsing around in torrential conditions in the English countryside. plus it look very smart has lots of pockets which is ideal. I was bone dry underneath it by the time we got home. My bum not so much…note to self, invest in full body armour against the rain to avoid wet bum prints on the saddle.

Such a happy face


Just before contemplating waiting for the ark to sail past and hitching a ride home the clouds broke briefly and the sun appeared which was very welcome for the hack back to the farm for me to hang my tack out to dry along with my pants at this point after playing in puddles.


img_4132Bud felt great. He is a solid lump but still very forward and walking out like he hasn’t been out of work. Bud loved his job, it might not seem much right now but it’s a promising start for us both getting back into the swing of things with a routine and a plan. I don’t think there is anything better then being in the saddle rain or shine.


Thank you so much for reading. I’m looking forward to sharing moments of getting back in the saddle…if only I’d remember to put my tack away last night! Wet again. it might not be the driest but it looks the cleanest now!


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