The mum tag

Thank you so much for the tag farrierswife!
I love doing these kind of posts so here goes…. 'The Mum Tag'

1/ Stay at home mum or working mum?

I've been both a working and stay at home mum but as of right now I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home mum while I'm beginning to work for myself at home and enjoy my children.

2/ Would you have it any other way?

Tricky one! I think we all think the grass is greener in every situation but I'm enjoying my time with my babies right now. (Even if half of it is battling the housework and repeatedly picking up stuff!) I'm so excited about the future plans and goals.

3/ Do you co-sleep?

Yes. I have done with both my children. I'm not a massive endorser of it but it worked for us and we all get maximum sleep

4/ What's your one must have item for baby?

My number one item for baby is boobs ha! William has finished breast feeding a few months ago now and boobs are still everything to him! Also baby wipes…no just for baby I do housework with them, clean the dogs…

5/ How many kids do you plan on having?

All of them! I loved being pregnant but only till around 7mths them im cooked. Although I think the big age gap did send my body in to shock. I am so lucky to have my two boys and I cherish that.

6/ Date nights? How often do you have them?

I love going out and being social but date nights are rare when we get the opportunity then it's to go lamping or shooting ha!

7/ Your children's favourite show?

William has a long standing affair with the gruffalo but since has discovered the wiggles which has come to the rescue many times also infectious and more recently a Netflix show called Toby's travelling circus.

Noah is a minecraft addict and loves YouTube videos before that he was obsessed with any informative dinosaur program and wildlife.

8/ Name the one thing you bought before you had a baby that you never ended up using

Gosh so much crap ha! But definitely bottles in Williams case. Boob mad and only one was ever opened.

9/ Your child's favourite food

When noah was little he loved egg custards and grapes. Currently pizza.

William loves grapes and is obsessed with nectarines

10/ How many cars does your family have

Isuzu D-max and the car grave yard at the back of the orchard…

11/ weight gain before pregnancy, during, after and now.

Um I ate a lot of pop tarts this time around. Say no more.

12/ Dream holiday with your kids?

Well since returning from a caravan in Wales with these two I'd say it's more of a survival experience going away with kids then and actually holiday! But if you didn't have to worry about that I'd love to take Noah whale watching or to see sharks. Any trip involving the beach and marine life. I don't think William minds where he is as long as there is animals and food!

13/ Dream holiday without your kids?

Just book me in at the closest premier inn and let me sleep for a week?

Seriously though apart from being anywhere hot my Dream holiday would be to the giraffe hotel in Africa or being a tourist around castles In Europe.

14/ How has you life changed since having kids?

I suppose I had Noah relatively young so it hasn't 'changed' it's what I always wanted really. I've never pictured my life without children. Going to the loo alone would be a bonus though.

15/ finish this sentence…'it makes my heart melt when…'

I'll just leave this here…

16/ Where do you shop for your kids?

I love anything with a countryside vibe so I can be quite selective although practical is a must as clothes do get put through their paces.

Big believer in shopping small and discovering gorgeous small businesses. Thankfully Instagram has an amazing platform for showcasing amazing brands.

17/ Favourite make up and skin care?

I've been wearing bare minerals for about 3yrs now thanks to my wonderful mother in law for introducing me! It's perfect for wearing anytime in and outdoors. It holds up great!

Since having William I've become rubbish with remembering Skin care. When I do remember i love Liz Earle and crystal clear they are amazing. Or anything you can plop in the bath is a winner for me such a nice bath bombs and soaks.

18/ Huggies or pampers

Pampers. Or Aldi own brand they are brill.

19/ Have you always wanted kids?


20/ Best part of being a mom?

Eating their left overs!

Look out for my 'Mum tag' on Instagram or if you fancy joining it let me know!


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