Live A Life Of Art

I want to give an introduction and exceptional worthy mention to the lovely Liz Murray and LALOA-Live A Life Of Art

Based in the glorious Norfolk countryside Liz is the amazing artist and designer behind the wonderful hand drawn art, interiors and stunning original fine art pieces not to forget the amazing homeware at LALOA

With an artistic family background Liz first picked up a paint brush at four years old with her grandfather, the artist and art teacher Barry Cummings along side her as a mentor and after over five successful years in the medical profession it’s inspiring to see Liz following her dreams and returning back to her passion of art.

20 things you may or may not know about Liz Murray

  1. I used to be a doctor
  2. ive painted children’s illustrations
  3. ive been on tv serial times
  4. I have worked in property design
  5. I have a little girl
  6. my grandfather taught me how to paint as he was an art teacher
  7. I’m a bit of a hippie secretly
  8. ive driven a tow truck in America…
  9. …and ive lived in America
  10. I once broke my ankle and didn’t realise for 6 weeks
  11. I have been in a earthquake
  12. my first car was a Nissan micra
  13. engaged in Vienna at Christmas
  14. favourite sheep is a swiss vallais
  15. my welly of choice is hunter (mine are dark purple)
  16. my first commission was charcoal sketches
  17. biggest painting to date was of newcastle city
  18. golden retriever is my favourite dog breed
  19. ginger is my favourite hair colour…I married one and gave birth to one!
  20. My birthday is on bonfire night

And here was liz telling me she didn’t want to sound boring…I challenge you to find an artist with 20 facts more interesting then that!

8. Amazing! ice road trucker vibes!

11. That would be absolutely terrifying!

13….how romantic, this is now goals

20.birthday, bonfire and fireworks? yes!

‘This country life’ collection.

I am so excited to be featuring this beautiful and original collection which is inspired directly from rural surroundings and aspects of country life, forever living in your wellies being one and so ‘This Country Life’ was born. Think the countryside wardrobe essentials plus animal favourites. Sheep in wellies and partridges in flat caps if that’s isn’t charm I don’t know what is!

The loveable, familiar characters we all know and love in the country such as cattle, sheep, chickens and hare come to life to feature with in fine art prints, stunning fabrics, cushions and more recently mugs (which I must have self control over or my mug tree will collapse) the collection is absolutely perfect for bringing countryside accents to any home with added LALOA cheer and brilliance.

If you love impulse buying mugs, cushions and stationary like me then LALOA has you completely covered. I’m currently excitedly awaiting the mug launch which has given me chance to fall In love with country cushions. Now who doesn’t love a good cushion?

My favourite print is naturally the gorgeous and iconic mr pheasant with his dapper hat and wonderful wellies he is brought to life perfectly. I love this quote from the LALOA website, ‘…bringing original art off the walls and into the living home’ as its so true. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy art as part of the home as an alternative to being hung on the walls and for that cushions are ideal.

The Mr pheasant and his hat cushion has its original print on the front and gorgeous Tweed wool on the reverse making them extremely versatile to compliment any part of the home plus they are all lovingly handmade in England.

If that wasn’t already prefect enough these luxury cushions can be completely bespoke to match your style if a particular wool or print takes your fancy don’t hesitate to contact liz regarding your ideas.

Personally I’ve featured mr pheasant on the sofa which looked perfect amongst other furnishings and have received many compliments from visitors. The cushion it self is so well made which holds it own in a busy family home with wild William, serial cushion squashers bill and Noah and terriers that show over enthusiastic love (border line harassment!) for anything with a hint of wool! With that I have moved him upstairs to the safety of the bed where he looks equally gorgeous among the many other cushions that seem to annoy the men folk for some reason? I’m forever saying ‘Don’t mess the bed cushions!’ And justifying why I need 50 on the bed ‘We need all of them for reasons I can’t explain!’

From being a tad OCD on cushions to avid stationary lover. We all love a bit of gorgeous stationary and ‘This country life’ certainly delivers with various designs available in A5 which are currently on sale (hurry hurry!) I mentioned the sheep in wellies being my new favourite thing even more so as they come in notebook form. I find these netbooks almost too perfect to write in with gorgeous paper from Italy and Space wise, I didn’t know it was in my bag. It fits in between the nappies, wet wipes and bits of left over biscuit effortlessly! I have taken this notebook all over which makes it prefect for the spontaneous note takers and religious list makers on the go or the tea drinkers and cake eaters having a sit down while waiting for inspiration to flow. Two sugars please!As previously mentioned with the cushions bespoke options are also available with stationary making LALOA a perfect go-to for special event invitations and country wedding stationary weather you plan on keeping your own wellies on under your dress or not Liz can create the perfect designs for a perfect day.

This is just a small selection of items available from the ‘This country life’ collection. To keep up to date with up coming pieces and new items ready to launch you can do so by following Liz at LALOA on Instagram which I highly recommend as there is currently an exciting competition to win a signed print! If that’s not enough Liz has kindly provided a discount code for every reader so head over to the website to order using DCW10 for a super 10% off!


I hope you enjoy discovering Life A Life Of Art and much as I have with more to come! Many thanks to Liz Murray for being wonderful and as always, thank you for reading.


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