Autumn feels, Have you Hurd?

As the season is steadily taking a turn for autumn my absolute favourite accessory for the up coming weather most definitely has to be the scrumptiously knits from Hurd and co. Inspired by family tradition passed on from grand parents and parents all pieces are lovingly handmade by self taught designer, owner and super mum Dawn Hurd from the Somerset countryside. I came across Hurd and Co. drawn to the beautiful logo (a wiff of antler and I’m in love) along with the stunning Instagram profile of Gorgeous Pinterest worthy images showcasing how fresh and versatile dawns pieces really are to wear. If autumn wasn’t your favourite season it will be now.

I have followed the lovely Dawn for a while online and so enjoy talking with her. She is full of inspiration with amazing ideas which reflects in her beautiful work. Dawn has also shared these selflessly with myself and encouraged me no end in my own utterly useless decision making. Let me tell you if you ever need the perfect mood board, Dawn is your lady!

With my already bad decision making choosing a favourite creation from Hurd and Co. leaves me in a crisis as I have fallen in love with everything more so now autumn is just around the corner. Being one of those people that are always cold and has a partner who describes the temperature at home as that of a ‘snake house’ cosy wrist warmers mitts and boot cuffs were on my wish list.

The boot cuffs are so easy to wear making life so much warmer as they come down into your boots or wellies to provide practical protection from the cold while enabling them to sit perfectly and looking gorgeous whenever you pop them on.

I’ve found these perfectly chunky wrist warmers absolutely ideal for slipping under coats (goes great with tweed!) and teaming up with jumpers to finish a perfect cosy country look. Let me tell you the most important feature is that you can use your phone! hurrah! No more faffing with gloves to send a text or update your status to tell everyone on Facebook it’s cold as gloves have been completely replaced here by little knitted heroes that let us stay toasty in the frosty weather and scroll Instagram…win win!

To browse Hurd and Co. full collection don’t hesitate to head over to the website where a 10% discount is waiting. I’d also highly recommend joining the members only mailing list for all up coming news and inside treats.

Don’t forget to follow Dawn on instagram for wonderful Hurd and Co inspo of how to wear your knits and lovely snapshots of country life.




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