How to help your children fall in love with hunting – in collaboration with monocular

“I’ve found no better classroom than the great outdoors.” 

Raising two boys I’ve found no better classroom than the great outdoors. Practical family trips hunting and shooting have been solid foundations for my children enjoying and respecting the countryside. Survival of our sports depend on educating the next generation so let’s not shy away from it. I adore seeing children embracing country pursuits.

When we are out in the field as a family (whether it’s ferreting, beating or fishing) the most important things are to stay safe and have fun, falling in love with everything rural

I’ve found being an open book with children when talking about hunting and shooting is so important. It’s perfectly normal to feel sad about game being shot especially for younger children but explaining why it happened along with the conservation that goes hand in hand with hunting is paramount. Let them know the positives of what happens next, for example how ‘field to fork’ brings us more in touch with our food and that having massive respect for our quarry is vital.

This extract is from my article that has been contributed to the monocular site please follow the link to read full post


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