Out on bale

Before autumn hits us hard I really want to share these moments of sunshine and hot weather! Collecting up the bales is Noah’s favourite, mostly as he gets to defy health and safety and ride on the trailer to dictate where the bales go. I’ve decided instead of spamming my entire Instagram I would post my favourite images here.

Who doesn’t love a David brown in action! Teamed with a welger baler for unbeatable old school set up that staying true to the saying and  ‘never misses a knot!’

A field full of bales and nothing but good old fashioned man power to clear them along with with nanny at the helm.

I was obviously tremendous help documenting the event with a camera…

That face. William will judge how you stack your bales while he’s polishing up what has to be the 12th apple of the day to hand. Think he has taken literal inspiration from the very hungry caterpillar

Regrettable I didn’t take a picture of my blackcurrent and apple sorbet which I really should have done for pure evidence that I did actually make something edible from scratch (Although I do have the stains on my new joules top) but it was perfect for cooling down the hard grafters once bales where safely tucked away in the barn and maybe William found a bit of chocolate biscuit…chocolate moustaches are the new black!

All in all I believe that the messier the kids, the happier the day (not that its a challenge william!) being with my children and family whilst making memories is my favourite past time.

Lynsey xx


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