Gorgeous Guinea and Sneaky Peeks

Come with me for a fabulous Wednesday morning behind the scenes for a sneak peek on set of the launch of gorgeous Guinea…

Gorgeous equestrian and country pursuits inspiration

Arriving at Guinea HQ in lovely Wistanswick, Market Drayton.  I’m immediately greeted by the fantastic girl power team. Two gorgeous models, Sophie and Lydia. One amazing photographer Philipa and of course Owner and super women behind the brand, Judy.

Meeting with Judy in previous pow wows i can honestly say I’m always captivated by how dedicated and passionate about business Judy truly is. The visionary for Guinea is amazing and I’ve never left her company without being completely inspired.

Im filled in on the power of the essential tangle teaser, flap watch (coat flaps that is..) and that hatfest is becoming the main giggle of the day deciding if you definitely can ‘leave your hat on’ or off…Or on?…

Modelling today is the super gorgeous Shropshire girl, Lydia and effortlessly beautiful professional Sophie. The pieces look absolutely perfect on and I can’t wait to see more.

Flawless Professional model Sophie Miller
gorgeous Shropshire gal Lydia nicklin

Inside I’m in heaven! The Aladdin’s cave of all that is gorgeous in the name of British luxury fashion is surrounding us I’m falling in love with every piece that comes out for their debut.

I’m already terribly excited as today involves shooting for the launch of Guinea. Think beautiful timeless tweeds, luxurious British design and elegant country styles. Everything on a country girls ultimate Pinterest board. Still The big question here is do you accessorize with a hat..or maybe no hat..try the hat again?…

Watching the talented photographer Philipa work her magic on set as she brings to light all the details in these pieces from the flattering cuts to gorgeous collars her eye for the perfect shot is amazing.

 Judy is the inspiration here with amazing direction that Phillipa translates into fantastic shots with gorgeous props such as the faithful old hunting boots that belonged to Judy’s father which i bet could tell you a great story or two across the hunt country. Along with vintage saddles the set has the gloriously British country life accent that is undeniably Guinea. 

On set the atmosphere is fabulous and the energy is flowing, the Guinea girls are bringing it! Tangle teaser and hats at the ready, standing by for ‘coat flap duty’ being quick to cast an eye over the how the coats are presented is in full swing. I’m taking notes and snaps trying my hardest not to be distracted day dreaming of how perfect these pieces are for stepping out at the races, events or simply adding luxury to every day which in my case would be the classiest pig feeder and child herder in the county!

Guinea heaven!

Lunching on set in the splendid treasure trove of tweed and velvet is perfect for this exciting Guinea celebration. Naturally this is a job for champers and nibbles. Or plonk and pea sticks. If a wednesday afternoon surrounded by gorgeous clothing and talented ladies doesn’t demand champagne then I don’t know when does! Judy gives us exciting upcoming news and projects for the future that I can’t wait to tell you more!

Plonk and pea sticks with this beaut

Get your boots off and have a glass!

I want to thank Judy so much for inviting me, I’ve had an amazing day with first hand insight from behind the scenes, the creative Minds and the hard work that has gone into this photo shoot. Not to mention all of the gorgeous pieces yet to be revealed!

So here’s cheers to glorious Guinea! Watch this space…

For more information regarding guinea please contact Judy at

Lockley Storage, Wistanswick,Market Drayton,TF9 2AY

T. 0345 3192039 sales@guinea.uk.com


Model information 

Sophie Miller: http://instagram.com/sophie_amiller

Lydia Nicklin: http://instagram.com/lydia_nicklin3


Philippa taffs

Instagram: http://instagram.com/pinkelephantphotography22



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