LALOA festive treats!

Happy post! We all love happy post arriving! Starting my weekend off right with a parcel containing my favourite welly wearing characters who are all lovingly created at Life A Life Of Art by Liz Murray. These pieces have a wonderful seasonal feel and without a doubt make perfect Christmas gifts and stocking fillers….Or shamelessly adding to your own mug collection.

I’m Beyond delighted to receive the kitchen wall/office essential that is the gorgeous 2018 Calendar. This calendar features many familiar faces complete with their wellies and boots to see them through the new year.Flicking through I had to jump to June to check out my birthday and that it didn’t fall on a rubbish Monday (I have zero memory of what day it fell on this year…thanks kids!) and hallelujah, it’s a Friday! Not that I’ll be out for the night celebrating (thanks again kids ha!) but I’ll pencil myself in.

I normally have a few calendars and note books on the go obsessed with jotting down important things that I must remember even though I will undoubtably forget (hence forgetting what day my birthday was on..) These pages seem to provide great space for a bold ‘SCHOOL TRIP!!!’ Or ‘6:30 DONT BE LATE!!’ even though with all the best intentions I am one of those people. I will be late.

My sure favourite is Mr Pheasant who graces October. Perfectly fitting  for the excitement of the beginning season Oh my mug! Coming through to feed my mug addiction is the beautiful LALOA bone china collection. Again, featuring our firm favourites with an added festive feel. Think Christmas party hats and snow boots!

Now I’m not a tea expert, I know that’s surprising on account of the mug hoard but how superior does tea taste in a china mug! These mugs also have a very generous size to them giving you a perfect cosy cuppa (with perfect ratio for dunking a chocolate digestive!) or perfect for thawing fingers around a hot portion of soup when you come in from the chill.

Over all if you are already a fan of LALOA or a passionate lover of the countryside then these pieces are definitely for you. Take it from me and my fellow mug hoarders, you can never have enough charming drinking vessels and these will be right at home in any kitchen, office desk or cosy space. The calendar in particular is a gorgeous essential to the new year with a wonderful original treat every month. Wellies at the ready for 2018!

Lynsey xx


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