The Ruth Mary collection

I am very excited to introduce you to the gorgeous Ruth Mary and her lace jewellery collection.

I first met Ruth at the West Midlands game fair this year and as you know sunday had a slight monsoon. Me, my mum and half the attendants (or so it felt) had taken shelter in one of the crafting marquees. There is only so much shuffling around and only so many free samples of vodka and cheese you can get away with before you feel obliged to buy your body weight in produce and since I didn’t have an elastic waistband or Spanx to hand we decided to brave the weather!

On the way down the stalls looking for our next shelter with free samples my mum, who is the ultimate magpie for spotting beautiful things saw a gorgeous display of jewellery that needed to be investigated!

The Ruth Mary display was fantastic everything looked gorgeous. Being immediately attracted to anything out of the ordinary, the collection absolutely caught my eye. Ruth warmly introduced herself and began to tell us about how each piece is hand designed and with lace. The lace is then moulded and cast to be turned into this brilliantly, beautiful jewellery.

Talking with Ruth you can immediately see the passion she has for her work. As someone who adores supporting and shopping with small businesses i love nothing more then meeting the creators themselves. I always find myself so inspired by their dedication and without a doubt the love Ruth has for creating each piece certainly shined through the conversation as me and my mum listened intently to all the details of how each piece is so beautifully hand made.

As with the after math of visiting any game fair the evening usually consist of soaking my sore feet from walking a few hundred miles around Weston park and completely ignoring the fact that I should check the damage to my card. Instead of being productive I began having a mooch through social media exploring new brands discovered that day. Obviously Ruth Mary was one I was excited to follow. Scrolling  through the website I always love reading the ‘About me’ sections and was genuinely amazed at ruths journey into starting her own business.

Before Ruth considered crafting jewellery professionally she had begun studying at university for a career in chemistry. This was unfortunately cut short suffering from narcolepsy, which is a chronic neurological condition. This meant making the hard decision of withdrawing from uni to take time out. Turning this situation on its head, Ruth channelled her passions of early childhood days when she first began making small pieces and inspired by great inspiration that came from her mum, Ruth began to develop her skills and the collection was born and in time aloud Ruth to return to education to finish her studies.

I made bits and pieces of jewellery since I was really little. The inspiration came when my mum introduced me to lacemaking. I then discovered it was possible to make moulds around objects so I asked the question – ‘could a mould be created around something as delicate as lace?’ By the time I invested in making moulds and the silver castings, it was too late to turn back so I went about learning silversmithing.

After talking with Ruth about how her illness forced her to make changes in her life I’m again inspired by her amazing out look. I now look at the jewellery a little differently. Weather it is intentional or not, the contrast in the pieces is personally my favourite thing. The delicate features of the lace pattern that we would imagine to be soft and fragile is in fact beautifully strong and remarkably resilient. If you ask me it is a perfect message portrayed in beautiful jewellery.

I’m fairly open about it and I’m blessed that tough times have lead me to doing something I now really love!

New to the collection is the Pearl Flower Studs. If you like choice then these are for you. These can be worn either alone as pearl studs or combined with the flower to compliment any look. A major reason these are one of my favourites is that they are a ‘real life’ piece of jewellery yet are anything but boring. I’ve worn these all day in the field, school runs, down the farm and general day to day. When wearing them they definitely will not compromise your countryside activities/chasing after children or loose pigs, only add a wonderful touch of something special to your day and a sparkle to any evening from date night to hunt ball.

Amazingly the wonderful Ruth has sent a fab code ‘LYNSBUD10’ for 10% off any online orders until the 3rd of December so be quick! Order away my lovelies!

If you would like to find out more about the collection or contact Ruth about her designs including the exciting bespoke options, please follow the links provided for both the Ruth Mary main website and instagram.

gorgeous tweed featured in photos is from the talented Kaye Hannabuss

As always, thank you so much for reading and I really hope you enjoy getting to know this wonderful brand as much as I have!

Lynsey xx


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