Morris Richardson – Time for tweed

Anyone else blink and missed 2017?  I know I’m not alone being an individual that time seems to run away from almost everyday. When did everything get so busy? One minute you are heading out to work or on the school run, the next minute running errands, trying to eat lunch (healthily!) have a social life, more school runs, more work… by the time you take a breath you’ve lost 3 days and the local takeaway is on auto delivery for the rest of the week!

in vowing that 2018 won’t disappear as quickly as last year and to make time for us all together as a family, treating my wrist to a new watch for clock watching inspiration is definitely on the cards. Who else is this person…

Guilty! being late for everything is never intentional for any of us. Me personally im normally picking up a trail of toys, or pretending to myself that my hair will be dry and curled in 15 minutes only to check the time realising I should have left the house 40 mintutes ago and there are still dogs to walk and sheep to feed. Oops.

I have never been a strict wearer of watches due to never being able to find a truly flattering time piece that i loved. (apart from the amazing babyG watches, hello 90s! wore that thing till the strap fell off…) enter Morris Richardson

The bad news is time is precious. The good news is that you are the pilot

…the even better news is you can wear it.

I confess to falling slightly in love with the entire aesthetic of Morris Richardson.  With A beautiful British twist on a classic look these watches incorporate stunning harris tweed which is built to last and be loved. A perfect ‘country life’ accent to any outfit that truly goes with anything from dressed up dinner dates to dog walking attire.

For me the winning style had to be the ‘Chatsworth’ in rose gold with gorgeous green herringbone Harris Tweed. I have to say that while admiring the gorgeous images of Morris Richardson watches through Instagram is one thing, nothing does them justice more so then wearing them in real life. A additional feature which I love is the interchangeable watch straps. These can easily be removed and swapped to any style, the hardest part is making a decision…

To wear, the chatsworth is extremely comfortable having a wonderful soft leather backing which keeps the watch lovely and supple yet still sturdy. With two strong tweed keepers there is absolutely no risk of losing the watch or straps coming loose which is my biggest fear when chasing a toddler round the fields and helping moving pigs as generally speaking everything get put through its passes with us. Speaking of toddlers, Dare I say ‘william proof’? no tugging or playing has left a mark thanks to the scratch resistant glass and hard wearing tweed. So far so good, I believe Morris Richardson have a winning piece that busy mums can confidently wear without fear of breakage.

Overall Morris richardson have designed a time piece that is ulitmalty extremely fuctionable yet still able to stay stunning in the country side upto its neck in children, animals and general busy home life. Myself, I have found that this watch is versatility at its best being beautifully tough enough for rural life yet keeping just enough contemporary style for any fashionable city occasion. Morris Richardson certainly cater for everyone’s style.

No matter how organised we become this year it’s so important to prioritise making time for each other and Im sure time will still find a way to run away from us (no doubt still drying hair and chasing kids with seconds to spare..) but without a doubt our fashionably lates will now be literally very fashionable.

As always thank you for taking the ‘time’ (pun intended) to give my review and thoughts on Morris Richardson a read.

Please feel free to visit the website and instagram to browse these gorgeous watches with a fantastic 15% off when quoting ‘LYNSEY15’

Lynsey xx


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